About BAX


BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, founded in 1991, is a multigenerational arts organization nurturing creative expression and artistic process through education, residencies, and performance at the intersection of arts and social justice.

Our Work

For over three decades, BAX has honored the power of performing arts to connect and transform individuals and communities. As an arts incubator, BAX is dedicated to supporting artists of all ages and stages of development—from young children to award-winning professionals—through communities of learning. Our artist residencies, affordable rehearsal studios, practice lab, and youth education programs annually invite over 10,000 students, parents, families, artists, and audiences to engage in shared creative journeys. We focus on embodied practices—dance, movement, theater, and multidisciplinary performance—and prioritize experimentation, process, collaboration, and mentorship. BAX commits to forging brave spaces by centering artists from historically underrepresented backgrounds and building equity and access across all programs. Ultimately, we aim to build collective power, promote cultural and racial justice, and encourage vibrant, interconnected networks to thrive.

Our Commitment

Building equity and justice demands that we interrupt narratives and structures that uphold white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. We respond to this call with joy and rigorous intention, in collaboration with artists, students, families, audiences, neighbors, staff, and board. We remain accountable to our multiple communities and continue to learn and grow together, taking immediate and long-term strategic action to cultivate a liberatory creative ecosystem.

Our Working Values

BAX’s values include accessibility, choice-making, collaboration, community, creativity, equity, exchange, experimentation, performance, radical hospitality, skill-building.