About BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Our Mission

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange is a multigenerational arts organization nurturing creative expression and artistic process through education, residencies, and performance at the intersection of arts and social justice.

BAX was  founded in 1991 by Marya Warshaw. Once a small, pioneer performing arts organization on an industrial block in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, BAX has grown into a powerful supporter of artistic innovation and education in dance, performance, and theater. BAX moved to lower 5th Avenue in Park Slope in 1998 and has evolved into a vital center for cultural and community life in Brooklyn. Serving nearly 10,000 artists, students, families, audience and community members each year, the organization offers community access to arts and culture, supporting the creation of new work by emerging artists, engaging diverse audiences and providing accessible arts education to youth and families.

BAX is dedicated to serving  artists in progress, from children to professionals, at all ages and stages of development. The multi-faceted nature of BAX programs invite artists to embark on creative journeys to develop their unique and authentic creative voices. BAX honors the power of performing arts to connect and transform individuals and communities.

Three decades since its founding, BAX remains committed to intentionally creating a space for the arts that animates its constituency, promotes dialogue, and celebrates diversity.

BAX intentionally and purposefully supports the voices of underrepresented individuals and groups of all origins, ages, races, sexual orientations, immigration and disability status. All constituents are invited to join in our ongoing anti-racism, anti-oppression, and pro-inclusion work. The youth education programs, artist residencies, affordable rehearsal space, community engagement opportunities, mentorship, and performances, all center artists from historically marginalized backgrounds and prioritize lived and embodied experiences, and access, regardless of ability to pay.

Our Working Values

Accessibility, choice making, collaboration, community, creativity, equity, exchange, experimentation, performance, radical hospitality, skill building.

Our Aspirations

BAX commits to building equity across our programs, policies, budgets, and culture.

This work demands that we identify and interrupt narratives and structures that uphold white supremacy, sexism, and ableism. We respond to this call with rigorous intention and in collaboration with artists, families, students, collaborators, audiences, supporters, neighbors, board, and staff. And so we are accountable to our multiple communities and continue to learn and change while taking immediate and long-term strategic action.

We aspire to cultivate a sustainable and just creative ecology where artists of all ages and stages thrive.