BAX AIR Alumni & History 

Originated and shepherded by BAX’s Founding Director Marya Warshaw, BAX’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program has been known for over 30 years for nurturing and supporting a diverse array of dance, theater, and interdisciplinary performance artists—many of whom provide leadership around social justice initiatives within the art sector and beyond. BAX AIRs are invited to incubate their research inquiries, creative ideas, and artistic practices while being part of a community of peers and receiving mentorship from BAX Artistic Advisors Abigail Browde and nia love. AIRs also receive support from Artist Program Staff Marlène Ramiez-Cancio and Lucia Scheckner, well as studio space, financial stipends, and producing support towards the development of a new work with benchmark opportunities to present through open studios, workshops, community engagement events, and public presentations. Enclosed is a growing timeline of this long-standing and treasured residency and the extraordinary alumni who make up its legacy.