Living Land Acknowledgement

BAX’s Living Land Acknowledgement 

Brooklyn Arts Exchange is located on the ancestral homelands known as Lenapehoking of the Lenape people.  These unceded lands also include the Canarsie and Munsee nations among others. We acknowledge the history and existence of our indigenous ancestors for their care of the land and natural resources of Lenapehoking. BAX is committed to advocating and supporting anti-colonialist creative practices and undoing racism towards indigenous people and people of color.  BAX also acknowledges the colonial legacies of dispossession and displacement of indigenous people through the advent of settler colonialism.  In an effort to nurture an intentional, arts/activist-based community, this is the beginning of an overdue process of healing and repair linked to the systemic erasure and exclusion of indigenous people and communities, as well as, people from marginalized racial and cultural groups and communities. We also acknowledge the ongoing work of indigenous people and Native Nations to protect their ancestral homelands and natural resources that have existed since time immemorial.

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