BAX Youth Studio Classes

BAX is where young artists-in-progress develop authentic creative voices within a nurturing community.


BAX is an intergenerational incubator space that welcomes all kinds of learners and encourages peer-mentorship and community. BAX arts education centers community, creative choice, collaboration, skill building, performance, and reflection. 

BAX Studio Classes are taught by a diverse cohort of professional performing artists and educators who draw upon their own embodied experiences, artistic lineages, and inspirations while engaging in BAX’s core educational values to generate a unique curriculum.

BAX studio classes include three pillars: Dance (includes creative movement, contemporary, and hip hop), Drama (includes three age levels of: Exploring Drama; Drama: Character & Scene Development; Devising Drama: Ensemble & Performance Development as well as two age levels of Drag Performance; and Wild Bodies), and Tumbling (includes an advance Tumbling Technique/pre-AcroBAX class). These class trajectories culminate with our Performance Workshop Program that invites committed students to participate in year-long ensembles which bring together technique, ensemble-building, composition, directing and finally performance of original student work. 


Students explore embodied storytelling practices through voice, face, physical gestures, and play-based activities. Participants are invited to share personal interests and engage in creative compromises as they work on behind-the-scenes elements of character, scene, and/or performance development depending on age levels. As classes age up, these skills are increasingly combined together as students experiment with scale, scene and character development, build ensemble and audience awareness, and, ultimately, devise original scripts and performances.

Drama Age Levels

Exploring Drama (K/1st)

Drama: Character & Scene Development (2nd/3rd) 

Devising Drama: Ensemble & Performance Development (4th and up)

Drag Performance I & II

This class uses the principles of drama and creative movement to explore dramatic play, character work, authentic expression, and community connection inspired by the colorful art form of drag. Using facial expressions, body language, and costume choices, we create unique drag personas. We practice the skill of lip syncing and create a collaborative lip synced drag musical which grows in depth and synthesis as students gain experience and age up. We focus on drag as an art form of transformation and its capacity to impact social movements as a tool of self-discovery and collective storytelling.

Wild Bodies

This class offers a structured approach to celebrating young people’s theatrical, imaginative, and physical impulses. Students will play and invent theater games, blend sports and dance movement, and explore and create obstacle courses. Throughout the semester, students will work collaboratively to problem solve, create mini-performances, and explore creative self-expression in a safe, welcoming, thoughtful, and WILD setting.


Tumbling at BAX combines motor skills, spatial awareness, balance, flexibility, and partner acrobatics. Young tumblers enjoy playful obstacle courses, animal walks, and inverted movements, while older students explore ways to support their own weight and create inversions. As students advance in the BAX tumbling trajectory, they increasingly experiment with bringing these skills together individually, in partnership, and through ensemble improvisation, composition, and performance


Creative Movement

Young movers experiment with embodied expressions and fundamental qualities of movement in a collaborative setting while drawing upon playful imagery, music, stories, and props.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is a composite of techniques and traditions unique to modern and contemporary dance, including ballet, structured improvisation, and partner work. Young dancers experiment with qualities of movement, levels, and creative movement, while older students work independently and as an ensemble to learn phrase material, break-down and build-up repertory, and express themselves through original composition.

Hip Hop Dance

In this high energy class, students will explore the joy of movement and creativity through  hip hop music and dance. Students will explore their own individualized artistic expression as part of learning hip hop traditions and vocabulary within a supportive community.

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