Tara Ocon
Space Grant 2010/2011

I am a 41-yr old white, cis, woman. My passions evolve and manifest as a dancer/choreographer/actor/ immersive theater performer/collaborator/consultant and a transformation coach. Sometimes even a filmmaker. Yes that’s a lot of (/’s) and I embrace and encourage multiplicity! I am also a supportive partner in a non-monogamous relationship and cat mom. I currently live on stolen land belonging to the Lenape People now known as Brooklyn, NY where I am grateful to be able to spend time in the nature that surrounds my neighborhood, and continuing to listen. As a performer I have more than a decade long history as a collaborating artist with Third Rail Projects, in addition to my own independent performance work. I hold a professional coaching certification from Leadership That Works, an accredited program of the International Coaches Federation. I’m currently enrolled in a professional conservatory program with the Terry Knickerbocker Studio to deepen my abilities and stretch my range as an actor and performer. My happy place are the moments where I can remember to play.

My creative artist website is here where I am happy to share my my creative passions and love of immersive theater experiences!

Website: http://taraocon.com/