Photo by Circe Hamilton

Stevfni.XYZ, 2024 Virtual

Stevfni.XYZ “Stev” (she/they) is an emerging new media artist and academic hailing from the NYC metropolitan area. Born in ’93 to immigrant Trinidadian parents and raised across both sides of the Hudson River during the 2000s, Stev’s work plants roots within themes experienced by the urbanized cultures of the Afro-Caribbean and Latinx folks within her immediate area and community, primarily filtered through her own lens of trans-femininity.

As a child influenced by the turn of the new millennium, Stev’s artistic style is encapsulated within the early Internet aesthetic of that era. She often communes with topics of self-identity, shared traumatic experiences, as well as interpersonal connectivity, and the complex social intricacies that lead us to nuanced intrapersonal discoveries.

As a black trans futurist storyteller, Stev combines both the spoken and written word, distortedly abstract symbols and markings, including the presence of her physicality, whether it be live or prerecorded, to interact with a variety of digital technologies to share stories that reflect and explore trans activism, Afrofuturism, the African diaspora, including interests pertaining to ecomodernism and urban development.

IG: @stevfni