Srishti Srivastava (she/her) I am a multimedia artist, designer, writer, and educator from India based in New York City. My work has included environmental conservation, climate change, and art as a therapeutic tool for chronic illnesses and pain. The themes that I work with include gendered violence, politics, education, and community engagement. I believe in the importance of art in the holistic well-being of people and communities. As a designer, I have worked with organizations that address gaps within our world and use an integrative approach that bridges communities with administrations and the policies that affect our lives. I use art as a form of community outreach through workshops and self-expression. I often start with myself as a focal point and explore the mesh that is the system I am a part of. I am incredibly aware of the various aspects of society that have resulted in the life that I live. I believe that it is through situating myself within my work that I can begin to explore those around me with the desire to break down the silos that strive to keep separate our resultant interwoven lives.