Available for self-produced performance rentals as part of BAX’s Visitors Program, the Theater at BAX is a fully equipped 650 square foot theater in THE BAX BUILDING

The Performance Rental Package includes the use of the 70-seat theater, lighting and sound equipment, and support from a BAX Technical Director and an additional crew member. Video projector rental option is available.

Generally theater performance rentals are for Friday-Saturday. Other dates may be available including Thursdays and Sundays.  Single night performances are also available. Technical rehearsals are generally scheduled Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings. Friday daytime is also an option pending availability.

Rates and Policies

  • Technical Rehearsals: $100/hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Performances: $150/hour (4 hour minimum)

The above includes the use of BAX’s 70-seat theater, lighting/sound equipment and support from BAX’s Technical Director

  • BAX Stage Crew: $30/hour (mandatory)
  • BAX Front of House/Box office: $80 (up to 4 hours), $20/hour thereafter (mandatory)
  • Refundable Security deposit: 20% of total space rental

  • The total space rental fee includes the use of our 70-Seat Theater, Studio C to be used as a dressing room/green room, and rep lighting/sound equipment.  Please consult tech rider for audience layout and equipment list. On performance days, the second floor and Studios A & B are reserved as an audience waiting area and for sound purposes one hour before show time and through the duration of the performance.

  • All Techs and Performances will be staffed by a BAX Technical Director (TD) who can also serve as the light and sound board operator. This fee is included in the space rental fee. The BAX TD can also design basic lights using BAX’s general plot and pre-set looks.  It is highly recommended you contract your own lighting designer and sound engineer if your needs are very specific or complex or if deemed necessary by the BAX TD.

  • BAX TD will be present to facilitate use of BAX equipment, keep the tech/ shows on schedule, and help with audience flow, and box office communication during show times. BAX will also provide a crew member whose responsibilities will be decided upon information gleaned from the initial production meetings; most likely to be designated as a board opp or stage hand. And if upon our initial production meeting it becomes apparent that additional crew members are needed BAX can provided that crew member at an additional fee.

  • In addition, the rental package includes a BAX Stage Hand who will be present at all techs and performances and a BAX Front of House/Box Office staff member will be present at each performance to run the box office and to ensure the safety of the building. 

  • A production meeting with BAX TD will be scheduled no less than one month prior to the first performance. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed based on the needs of the production.


Contracting renter is responsible for providing a MANDATORY stage manager who knows the production and will call light and sound cues during the show. Either the BAX TD or BAX crew member will serve as light and sound board opp. The stage manager must be present at all Techs, Dress, and Performances. 

Tech/Dress rehearsals are generally on Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings between 6:00-10:00pm with some availability also on Friday mornings/afternoons. (Theater reserved only).

Our normal format is a Friday and Saturday 8:00pm show with the Theater and Studio C reserved from 6:00-10:00pm.  We can also offer one-night rentals and other variations pending availability.

All times booked for both Technical Rehearsals and Performance days must be approved by the TD. It is up to the discretion of the TD if sufficient time has been reserved based on the performance’s technical needs.

There is a required 20% refundable security deposit to be returned to the contracted renter the week after the event, provided the space is vacated in a timely way and in good condition. Contracting renter is required to sweep/mop the space or arrange for the appropriate crew after each Tech and Performance day.


BAX will promote Visitors Program performances (performance package rentals) on its website in the performance calendar as well as through its monthly email blasts. The event will also be featured throughout the building the week of the rental.

All publicity materials (e.g. postcards, press releases, programs, etc.) are the responsibility of the contracting artist and must be approved in advance by the BAX Marketing & Communications staff prior to publicizing your even

Box Office/Ticketing

Contracting artist is responsible for advance ticketing and keeps all box office proceeds. BAX will provide, as part of the rental contract, a BAX Box Office Staff member on the day of the event to administer the box office. Same day sales are accepted in cash only, and contracting artist should provide detailed information on advance sales to be checked in as well as seed to make change for same day sales. Box Office opens ½ hours before show time.

Optional BAX Services

For the following additional fees, BAX can provide the following staff.  This must be specified at contract signing or no later than one month prior to the Tech or Performance to ensure availability.

Stage Manager: $100/each day (up to 4 hours), $25/hour each additional hour

Use of Video Projector: $30/day (including each Tech, Dress, Performance Evening)

See the Technical Specifications for more information regarding the Theater at BAX.

Payment/Cancellation Policy

The theater is only reserved when a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of half the contract amount is received. Cancellations or schedule changes received at least 2 months in advance will be rescheduled at no charge. If cancelled less than 2 months in advance, all fees are forfeited.  The final balance is due no later than one month prior to the tech or performance.

For current availability for Visitors Program Performance Package please email requests to

For current availability please email requests to