Sól Casique, Emerge 2023 Virtual

Sól Casique, 2023 Virtual

Sól Casique (they/elle) is an undocumented Venezuelan and Colombian creative living in D.C. on Piscataway Conoy Lands. They come to Emerge through a joint residency with House of Alegría. They exist within the gender fckery and immortality of fungi and lichen and the interconnectedness of celestial bodies. They center their work on themes of transformation, the complexities of mental health and our deep connection to nature – dreaming and creating worlds where there’s no negotiation for identities or communities. They’ve been published in the anthology “Somewhere We are Human ” and are one of the creators of the Venezuelan queer digital zine, Venecuir Writings. As a stellium Taurus, they’re constantly craving a warm window seat to read by, a sweaty perreo mix and the fall of white supremacist states.

IG: @solportals