Sigal Bergman was born in Israel, where she studied dance at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance. From 1995-2009 she lived in NYC working professionally as a choreographer and freelance dancer. In NYC she was associated largely with Movement Research- an artist led organisation dedicated to investigating movement based art forms, where she was artist in residence in 200-2001. In 2002 she became a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

In 2009 Sigal returned to Israel and made Tel Aviv her home base. She joined the local independent choreographers association and, over the years her work were supported by multiple grants from Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts and multiple residencies at Kelim Choreography Center, Stage-Center Tel Aviv, and Yasmeen Godder studio. 

She is part of the performance improvisation collective- ’Oktet’, on faculty at the ‘Hakvutza’ dance school, and at the Jerusalem Academy forDance and Music teaching improvisation, composition and Alexander technique as bases for Release technique class. 

Sigal took part in Störung/הפרעה, an interdisciplinary project initiated by the Freiburg Theater and choreographer Yasmeen Godder that brought together scientists, professional dancers and choreographers with people with Parkinson’s disease, to explore human movement and movement disorder. The projects continues with a biweekly classes for a mix of people with Parkinson’s disease and dancers at the Yasmeen Godder studio.

In January 2018 she co-organized a conference called MOVING COMMUNITIES in Yasmeen Godders studio Yaffa, which celebrated three years of those dance classes and invited participants to re-examine and experience anew the connection between thought and movement, dance and well being, and art as a transformative force in the community.

Sigal work extensively as a choreographer, teacher and therapist letting those fields merge and influence each other.