Shola Cole aka Pirate Jenny (they/themme & she/hers) is a New York based performance artist and Afro-Caribbean/UK born immigrant. An artist, adult learner, neuro-queer and youthfully mature being exploring their gender non-conforming edges – Cole explores radio, movement, drawing, figure modeling within a time traveling tool wearing persona, Pirate Jenny (PJ). Pirate Jenny embodies explore historical contexts of the Atlantic Slave Trade’s meeting point of the Golden Age of Piracy a personal legacy as a Black/Queer/Lesbian and former classically trained/traumatized musician. Cole envisions a vibrant and evocative body of work that shifts a lens onto CPSTD, Burnout and Narcissistic Abuse with additional praxes of self care/rest as resistance, acknowledged rage within resilience, joy and prioritizing low-to-no social media.

Rooting their work around the “othered” body in service to capitalism and its “systemic grind” and contortions – Cole deepens an art life practice by layering justice in QT/BIPOC farming and integrating newly acquired skills in the trades. In ongoing response to undoing the colonial foundations in their classical music training, Cole is currently dreaming up ‘A Vanderful Life’; a revisioning of community and nomadic and mobile design around art and viably radical food futures in QT/LGBIA2+/BIPoC agriculture.

Core works include ‘Biographie of Service’, a process of Cole combining narrative, storytelling and figure modeling – inviting viewer participation to critique her selfless contortions; ‘Hung’ a work examining social perception of hand washing garments and ‘#Pirateradio,’ a pirate radio show centering site specific history around pirates and current social movements. In addition to revisiting ‘Hung…’ Cole is currently working on ‘Till the Othered BAWDY, a body centered piece exploring food access within the use of Pirate Jenny’s time travel tools.

Time at UCONN and MICA brings Cole through RubyFruit & Harmonious Soul acapella, UConn Marching Band & CT Hurricanes, Jacobs Pillow. Land based moments include Ira Wallace Seed School; Soul Fire, Down Bottom, Catalyst Collaborative & Rock Steady Farms, Farm School NYC and Earthwood Building School. Reveling in hard truths and Life’s beauty at Three Phase Art Center and Art/Life Institute and EmergeNYC serve Cole as a place to dust off, dig in and root down in the body politic performance art frontier.