Shenny de Los Angeles, Emerge 2019

Shenny de Los Angeles, 2019

Shenny de Los Angeles is a Dominican-American performance artist. Her work focuses on healing generational trauma, inviting every hurt to free itself into joy. During her time at Emerge, Shenny was researching the Afro Latinx experience in America and Domincan American’s relationship to DR, exploring rituals of beauty passed from generation to generation. Shenny centralizes Black Caribbean femmes in her work; affirming the beauty in being alive. “when you in pain just focus on somebody else’s business,” is her first piece to be published by The Caribbean Writers. This past fall, she was commissioned by The Latinx Playwright Circle to write a short play entitled, “Las Mujeres de Hierro/ The women made of Iron” Now, as a 2020-2021 Suite/Space Artist of Mabou Mines Theatre, Shenny is currently developing her one woman show “What Happens to Brown Girls Who Never Learn How to Love Themselves Brown: the ritual to beauty.”

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