Headshot of Yo-Yo Lin

Yo-Yo Lin

Artist in Residence (2021-22)
ROTATIONS Co-Founder (2020)


Instagram: @itsyosquared

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Yo-Yo Lin (she/ they) is a Taiwanese-American, interdisciplinary artist who explores the possibilities for self-knowledge in the context of emerging, embodied technologies. She often uses video, animation, live performance, and sound to create meditative ‘memoryscapes.’ Her recent body of work reveals and re-values the complex realities of living with invisibilized chronic illness and intergenerational trauma.

Refusing the medicalization of the ‘crip’ body, she works towards and dreams of an equitable toolkit that serves as a communal site for holding space for illness in its wholeness. Thus far, this dream has manifested as an open-source journaling tool (Resilience Journal), a movement workshop series led by and for disabled movement artists (ROTATIONS), and an audiovisual dance performance (‘the walls of my room are curved’). Her practice often facilitates sites for community-centered abundance, developing into physical and virtual installations, workshops, accessible nightlife party spaces. Her movement practice is informed by tai chi, qi gong, and traditional Chinese medicine practices.

She was a 2019 Artist in Residence at Eyebeam, a 2020 Open Call Recipient for The Shed, and the 2021 Red Burns Fellow at NYU ITP/IMA. She has shown works at international multimedia art galleries (Human Resources, Lincoln Center, La Corte Contemporanea), film festivals (New York Film Festival, SXSW, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival), performance venues (Gibney Dance, Ars Nova, CultureHub), and conferences (Allied Media Conference, Conference on Movement and Computing). Her work has been featured on NOWNESS, HuffingtonPost, and Surface Magazine. She serves on the Accessibility Advisory Team at Movement Research and is the co-founder of ROTATIONS, a collaborative movement practice working towards deepening our understanding of artistry, disability, and access.