Vanessa Adato against a pink background

Meghann Trago

Finance and Operations Manager

Meghann is a Chinese American freelance dance artist, performer, and arts administrator residing in Brooklyn, NY. A Bard College alumna, she holds degrees in both dance and economics. A pandemic knitter, Leo, and Asian femme. She approaches each process, each day, task, creation with a lens that interrogates the complexities and messiness of her identity, from then to now, from there to here of being an East Asian/Asian-American/East-Southeast Asian/Chinese/Chinese-American/Chinese-?/descendent. As a dance artist she has had the pleasure to work, perform, be in process with Michelle Ellsworth, Soulemayne Badolo, Marjani Forte-Saunders, Abby Zbikowski, Mia Martelli, Marion Spencer, Jessie Young, Ella Wasserman-Smith, and Catherine Galasso, among others.