A headshot of Kilusan.
A headshot of Lia.

Photo by Matt Grubb


Indigo Hero: Kilusan and Lia Bautista

Parent Artist Space Grant (Summer 2022)

Indigo Hero is composed of Kilusan and Lia Bautista. Kilusan is an interdisciplinary theater artist who has spent over twelve years performing within the theater and spoken word scenes of New York City and San Francisco. Lia is a trained modern dancer and professional recording artist — who previously performed under the moniker, Dulcinea Detwah (Hip-Hop and Electronic Music performance artist).¬†

Indigo Hero is inspired by the stories of their ancestors, those who live on the fringes and in the shadows of society. Indigo Hero likes to consider themselves storytellers through all of their mediums (dance/movement, music, theater, multimedia).

The mission of Indigo Hero is to create work as a family that is compelling and interactive; challenging themselves to consistently explore ways to be inclusive, accessible and innovative.