Parker White, Emerge 2022 Flagship

Honey Bundy / Parker White, 2022

Honey Bundy/Parker White (he/him) is a genderqueer trans man and drag artist based in NYC. Originally from Pittsburgh, Honey has only recently started his drag journey, but has been a lifelong multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from all corners of life. Horror, camp, occultism, bimboism, gender, and sexuality are all core fragments of Honey’s persona; he aims to combine the uncombinable, explore the grey areas of life, and co-exist with many truths at once. As someone who has struggled immensely with mental health, Honey uses drag as radical medicine to not only heal himself, but also to help others heal as well. Currently, he is working on his BFA in Film and Screen Studies at Pace University, and has performed at venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

222 : 444 : 888

IG @h0neybundy