Néstor Pérez-Molière, Emerge 2023 Flagship

Néstor Pérez-Molière, 2023

Néstor Pérez-Molière was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, currently residing in The Bronx. His art entails a process of self-discovery; a series of confessionals revealing private conflicts; hoping towards catharsis. Through this cathartic process he hopes to connect with the viewer’s struggles and depathologize negative feelings so that they can be seen as a source for political action rather than its antithesis. Néstor exposes mental health issues like depression, dysmorphia, food addictions, and loneliness: describing their mechanisms, scrutinizing their origins, and illuminating the impossibility of fixing them. His practice mainly takes place in the realm of photography but also incorporates performance, video, installation, and intaglio techniques. He received an MFA from Hunter College. He was part of the Artist in the Marketplace 2017 and Creative Capital’s Taller 2019 mentorship programs, and was included in The Bronx Museum of the Art’s Fourth Biennial. He has exhibited at the Museo de las Américas, the Clemente Soto Vélez, Longwood Gallery, and the Liga de Estudiantes de Artes de San Juan, Puerto Rico. Interested in becoming an educator, he currently teaches analog and digital media at the International Center of Photography, THE POINT CDC, and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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