Naisha Solomon, Emerge 2022 Flagship

Naisha Solomon, 2022

Naisha Solomon is a Trinbagonian singer-songwriter, sonic archivist and Caribbean scholar living and working in Brooklyn as a Community Organizer. Her practice explores Afro-Caribbean music genres, dance, storytelling and other modes of performance in relation to colonial resistance. Her motivation to emancipate the unheard or concealed has catalysed her passion for studying, reimagining and rewriting Caribbean female slave narratives. With Caribbean oral histories and folklore in the biology of her concepts, she is encouraged by characters like the La Diablesse and Soucouyant and is convinced their stories are rooted in reality. Intent on decoding their messages, she hopes to create works that dance as seamlessly as they do along the intersection of magic, femininity, joy, horror, beauty, strength, humour and truth. Naisha earned an MA in Art, Education & Community Practice (2020) from New York University. Her recent releases include single “Cahneeval Done,” featured on The Island Project.

IG @badman.nai