io Bibi Miscelvnea, Emerge 2023 Flagship

miscelvnea, 2023

miscelvnea (they/she, it) (elle, elli/ellu) is a Boriké-born multimedia and interdisciplinary artist whose work mainly integrates image, text, performance and spirituality informed by an academic background in History, Caribbean and Gender studies. Mother and collaborator to Haus of Vanguardia, a collective of queer artists striving for the liberation of colonized body-mind-spirits through expressions of radical joy. The experiences of colonial and transqueer abjects are at the center of miscelvnea’s explorations as a way of deconstructing ingrained patterns of survival and reimagining future worlds where transcendence and expansiveness of the self can be real. In Me Ocupo (July 2021), a creative workshop and performance laboratory directed by Asuntos Efímeros, “la apología del despojo” was born, a ritual in respect to purging the spirit and embracing a rebirthed identity. Living in the Nuyorican diaspora, the search now pays attention to memory (or lack thereof), ancestry, language and culture behind time-space translocation. miscelvnea lives in a world that has yet to exist.

IG: @miscelvnea
@ hausofvanguardia