Photo credit: Kyna Marie.

Mikey Delgado, 2024

Mikey Delgado aka Richard (They/He/She), a queer trans Latine native New Yorker, stands at the intersection of creativity and innovation with their multifarious career as a performer, event producer, and visual artist. From their vaudeville-inspired performances as a male impersonator to their artistry in comedy, boylesque, ventriloquism, and character acting, Mikey’s artistic path defies convention and extends beyond traditional boundaries. Their dynamic journey spans the realms of performance art and entertainment, showcasing the kaleidoscope of diversity and the transformative powers of self-expression. As a co-founder of the award winning event and performance collective The Cake Boys, Mikey dedicates their efforts to highlighting marginalized and alternative performers within New York City’s artistic landscape. Beyond the stage, Mikey works as a multidisciplinary visual artist, focusing on illustration, digital art, and VFX. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and amplifying unique narratives Mikey reinvents the parameters of their artistry and creates new horizons for expression and inclusion.

IG: @callmedickk