Melike Konur
Parent Artist Space Grant (Fall 2023)

Melike Konur is a versatile and ethereal creative, soul singer, songwriter, and producer, gracefully navigates between commercial and nonprofit arts sectors and between the vibrant realms of NYC and Istanbul. Known as a vocalist and host in the burlesque world as ‘The Bronze Venus’ a nod to Josephine Baker, her artistry is a testament to her devotion to legacy and to The Divine. Through voice, lyrics, photography and movement she tells the story of possibility fused with a burgeoning connection to her ancestral heritage as she delves deep into uncovering hidden truths. With an intricately woven storytelling style, Melike also draws inspiration from the raw tapestry of nature, infusing her music with mystique. Through her captivating performances, she merges conscious emancipation of the soul with the transcendent beauty of the multiracial Black experience. With a career in Turkey having numerous appearances on national TV, she has also left an indelible mark in other enchanting cities such as Paris, London, Prague, Shanghai, and Rome. Now, firmly establishing herself within the thriving New York City performing arts scene after obtaining an MA in Arts Management from The New School, Melike is an artist and activist committed to harnessing her skills to usher in a future on this planet that is compassionate and in support of the Black multicultural Motherhood ceremony.