2024 Open Workshops with MBDance

Join MBDance once a month, January through May 2024, for a public workshop series based on themes from MBDance’s/Maria Bauman’s current dance-ritual-artwork, These are the bodies that have not borne. Our new work is an outdoor piece based on multiple seemingly related and unrelated themes, synthesized through the MBDancers’ bodies and imaginations as a ritual and a performance.

These are the bodies that have not borne. is rooted in Earth stewardship and indigenous technologies for healing our bodies and the Earth together; uterine health and the under-discussed plight of Black women and other womb-carriers dealing with disproportionate levels of uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other reproductive challenges; the variety of ways that queer people, especially Black and Brown queer people, conceptualize family-building–from the economics of scientific interventions to the emotions of considering if/how/when/with whom to parent; collective memory and harnessing magic to affect our futurity.

Many folks have shared that they want to engage in these topics with MBDance, so we’re sharing some of our research prompts, exercises, and guest facilitators with YOU!

What’s going to happen in each workshop session? Each workshop is led by a different guest facilitator and each one concludes with artistic synthesis led by Artistic Director and founder, Maria Bauman. First, we’ll do participatory learning with the facilitator, using various artistic modalities. Then we’ll synthesize our process, our feelings and our discoveries through our bodies! Maria Bauman is leading a group movement portion to close out each session, using improvisation scores and movement prompts. The workshops are three-hours each and include food and drink.

Review and fill out this access intake form prior to participating in a workshop. Additionally, you can view this document for additional access information about BAX’s space

Please note that BAX’s space is not yet wheelchair accessible.

All of the workshops take place at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
(421 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.)

$12.00 per workshop ($14.58 with Eventbrite fees.)

$30.00 for a 3-workshop bundle ($33.37 with Eventbrite fees.)

$50.00 for a 6-workshop all-access bundle for the entire series ($55.09 with Eventbrite fees.)

Sacred Bleedings: The Period to Postpartum Continuum with Rochelle Jamila

Movement Synthesis by Maria Bauman
Saturday, Jan 20, 2024 (1:30-4:30 pm)

In this workshop we will explore ancient practices for healthy periods and recovery following miscarriage, abortion, and birth. When we honor our periods as a mini postpartum, worthy of care and rest, we learn how to be present for all bleeding transitions. Rooted in her work as a period and postpartum doula, mover, and herbalist, Rochelle offers techniques and frameworks for honoring sacred bleeding.

This workshop will include guided self-touch and partnered touch. Those not interested in touch are still welcome to attend.

Rochelle Jamila is a performing artist, choreographer, holistic period and postpartum doula, and practitioner of the feminine arts committed to the sovereignty of birthing and bleeding people on Earth. She weaves, movement, sacred song, energy work, herbalism, and ancient womb wisdom to hold space for the continuum of the womb. Rochelle believes full spectrum womb care, from menarche to menopause, radically reorients bleeding people to their divine power. Rooted in legacies of Black southern midwives, freedom fighters, prayer warriors, and root workers, she honors womb and birth care as a front line for liberation and planetary healing. Rochelle is honored to have supported over 200 families through reproductive transitions.

Rochelle’s performance work imagines new worlds through channeled improvisation, earth-based ritual, and the physical and psychic realms of bleeding people. She is deeply influenced by her teachers within Indigenous Mexica and Tibetan Buddhist lineages as well as her family’s direct lineage in the Mississippi Delta and Caribbean. As a performer Rochelle has worked with artists such as Ebony Noelle Golden, Jasmine Hearn, Ambika Raina, Ogemdi Ude, Beth Gill, and Maya Lee Parritz. Rochelle graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Dance and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. She is currently blooming on occupied unceded Lenape and Canarsie land.

Connecting to the Divine Portal: an energy work & akashic records meditation with Alexeya

Movement Synthesis by Maria Bauman
Saturday, Feb 17, 2024 (1:30-4:30 pm)

Led by Alexeya with sound healing by Reiki Lune.

This session is designed to illuminate and activate the divine portal of creation within, revealing the seeds of new life that seek to be born through us. We will be engaging in a gathering of collective intention setting, guided energy work and akashic records meditation and group reflection.

The Akasha is an etheric plane which holds record of each soul’s journey across time and space. In the Akasha, we can clear karmic contracts, integrate new gifts and gain insights on how to maximize our highest vibrational resonance in our present lives.

Alexeya EM is an interdisciplinary performing artist and energy worker dedicated to raising the collective consciousness through her life and artistry. Her art exists at the intersection of music, choreography, leadership development, performance/event curation, mysticism, and energy work/healing arts. Through the themes of multidimensional expression, divinity, sacred sensuality, black liberation, and the divine feminine, Alexeya creates space for art and experiences that propel communal contemplation and transcendence.

She received a BA in Dance Studies from the University of South Florida with an emphasis on research in Leadership Studies. After which, she danced professionally for Gibney Dance Company and worked as a freelance choreographer, creative director and performance coach in both commercial and concert dance. In 2016, Alexeya founded LEAD: Leadership for Emerging Artist Development, an immersive training program providing emerging artists with tools to cultivate an inclusive leadership presence. She has conducted leadership seminars for NYU School of Professional Studies, MOVE|NYC|, and Gibney Dance Center, amongst others.

Alexeya has been releasing music as an independent recording artist since 2017. Her recent EP ‘ISIS’ explores the themes of cultivating the supreme divine feminine essence through embodied practice. She resides in New York City.

Gender Inclusive Uterine Health Support Group & Learning Circle with Ziiomi Law

Movement Synthesis with Maria Bauman

Saturday, April 20, 2024 (1:30-4:30 pm)

This space is tender. Participants can expect to be invited to share whatever feels safe about their own journey with their uterus/pelvic area/womb/any other term they may use to describe that place in their glorious bodies. You can share a lot or you can share nothing. We will hold it collectively. We will take time to journal and write to ourselves. We will share resources and offer support when welcomed to do so. There will be moments to reflect and process. We will hold ourselves lovingly within community and hopefully feel a little less alone and a little more connected in what we may be experiencing.

We hope you will join us if this sounds like a space you may need or desire, please come. This space is for you!

Ziiomi Law is a Blackqueer nonbinary icon. Professional dancer & performer, death doula, arts careworker, and writer++ nomadically based nowhere & working everywhere. Zii is an ever evolving Blackity Black, loudly queer artist, who sweats glitter & smells like sweet cocomango shea. They’re an embodied Et Cetera, period!

As a multi-hyphenate, they give big GLIT energy on their best day/s. When dueting with liberation Zii comes out to play as D R I P, the freest version of themmeselves who does not know a world without pleasure & hopes you never do either. Swimming in the erotic, slithering up poles, & dancing as a fireworker & flow arts aerialist brings themme joy.

They feel most fulfilled when collaborating on projects that feel like soul food. Raised in the South, grown across the East Coast, & seasoned with a generous dash of international spice; Zii carries home in their pockets.

You can find them luxuriating at the intersections of both/and. They believe if it ain’t a full body YES, it’s a no! It is always their intention to collaborate, explore, & share in the continued spirit & effort to heal Blackqueer bodies.

Ziiomi welcomes invitations to connect & create around: queering everything, worldbuilding/bending, immersive experiences, pleasure, liberation, ritual, Blackness, queer & trans magic, rest, living & dying from a place of satisfaction, & so much more this bio won’t hold. @ziiomizm

New Earth Bodies with Yura Sapi

Movement Synthesis by Maria Bauman

Sunday, May 19, 2024 (2:30-5:30 pm)

Step into a world where plants talk to you sharing their wisdom with answers to your deepest questions…

Join us for New Earth Bodies to learn how to communicate with plants. Rediscover your role as a creator and steward of Mother Earth.

We are creators, and birthing humans is not the only legacy we leave. No matter who we are, we as humans are stewards of Mother Earth and it’s time to remember our power in bringing to life our liberated future.

We are beings entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing our planet. New Earth Bodies is your opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and explore the profound connection between humans and plants.

Join this immersive experience where you’ll learn the ancient arts of communicating with plants through a series of hands-on activities, guided meditations and interactive discussions. Unlock these sacred codes, journey to self-discovery and awaken your connection to the Earth.

We are birthing the rEvolution towards a liberated and harmonious future. Are you ready? New Earth Bodies awaits you. Join us to sow the seeds of transformation together.

Yura Sapi (they/them) is a visionary leader, creative activist, and interdisciplinary artist dedicated to co-creating joyful and abundant futures in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. Yura is Indigenous Kichwa, with Ecuadorian and Colombian citizenship and a lifelong connection to their birthplace on Manahatta island. Embracing their Kichwa name, Yura embodies strong roots and a profound connection to trees and plants. They have showcased their artistic talents as a performer and space curator at renowned venues such as Joe’s Pub and the Whitney Center for the Performing Arts and are published on platforms like HowlRound Theatre Commons and Community Centric Fundraising.

Through their new nonprofit organization, LiberArte Inc., Yura collaborates to establish an artistic support network aimed at advancing racial, social, and climate justice on a global scale. LiberArte facilitates connections within the global community, fostering projects like food access farm Protectores de la Tierra, an artist-led initiative promoting AfroIndigenous farming and food sovereignty, originating in Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia; Balistikal, a queer arts and healing space offering virtual and in-person programs for the Spanish-speaking Latin American community; and the Building Our Own Tables Podcast which conducts interviews with BIPOC founders of arts organizations sharing their rEvolutionary leadership insights. Yura is a board member of the Arts Administrators of Color Network, a member of Artists Co-Creating Real Equity, and a 2023-24 Braiding Seeds Fellow. Yura offers a powerful vision of what this world can look like, and their work is making that vision a reality, one step at a time.