Martha Bowers

Artist in Residence (1995-1998)

Martha Bowers focuses on the use of the performing arts for social change. She has taught at numerous colleges and universities, is the recipient of Chancellor Rudolf Crew’s Caring Community Award for work with recently immigrated teens, a BAXten Arts & Artists in Progress Award for her work in arts education, and a Certificate of Merit from the Municipal Art Society of New York for her site-specific work Angels and Accordions. Her essays on site-specific, community-based performance have been published online with the Community Arts Network; in Choreographic Encounters, the journal of the Institute for Choreography and Dance; and in a book on site-specific dance edited by Melanie Kloetzel and Carolyn Pavlik. She has received numerous commissions as well as choreographic fellowships from The Foundation for Performance Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New Jersey Council on the Arts, as well as six consecutive grant awards from the New York Foundation’s Artist in the School Community program. She is the Executive Director of Hook Arts Media, (formerly Dance Theatre Etcetera), a community-based¬† cultural organization located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, that focuses on arts education for under-served urban youth. She is also the Executive Producer of the annual Red Hook Fest.