Mariano Ruiz, Emerge 2021 Flagship

Mariano Ruiz, 2021

Mariano Ruiz is a trans nonbinary cabaret artivist from Mexico City. They use humor, pop culture, and satire to talk about Othered bodies and their experiences, creating projects that question the social segregation created by the rejection of identities or sexualities that are outside the “norm.” A graduate from CUT-UNAM, Mariano is the co-founder of Parafernalia Teatro and the recipient of a full scholarship to study at the Midsummer in Oxford program by BADA, Yale, and UCLA. Mariano was awarded the 2021 Scenic Creators Scholarship and the Take a Breath residency at The Action Lab in Ossining, NY. They also initiated the Emerge Conflabs series on emergenyc_art IG Live, exploring alumni’s creative inquiries. Mariano’s research question during Emerge was: How can humor help QTBIPOC communities move through the trauma in their bodies?

IG @mariano_rc