Photo by Dora Nano, 2021

Lisette Morel, 2024 Virtual

Lisette Morel is a Dominican-American artist, mother and educator based in New Jersey. Although she began as a painter, Morel’s practice has since evolved into employing site-specific installations, eco-art, performances and incorporating invited family, friends and the public to create together as one to erase the hierarchy of titles and roles. Her works have been “misbehaving” , shifting out of the traditionally assigned spaces of the studio and gallery walls spilling out into other unorthodox areas, occupying our spaces. The shifts have stirred her to question what is a painting and who has access to art. The questions feed her curiosity to continue to fluidly move between a variety of materials, surfaces, and environments; influx without definite categorization, occupying all spaces and absurdities all over the place. The process is an extension of her; autobiographical emotive duende filled actions where she can activate, negotiate, question, and or reframe the layers of power, politics of the body, occupation of space, our mortality and language.

IG: @lisettemorel