Lindsay Shields, 2024

Lindsay M. Shields (they/she) is a multidisciplinary artist and activist whose work centers on building community. They are an adoptee who continuously explores unbelonging and belonging. Originally from Kansas, they develop a sense of home wherever they roam. They engage through writing, devising, creating puppets, doing stand-up, and performing in drag. They decompress through writing, canoeing, hiking, reading, yoga, and listening to others’ stories. They hold B.A.’s in both Theater and Wilderness Leadership (Brevard College), M.A.’s in both Educational Theater (NYU) and Production and Design (Southern Oregon University), and a post-graduate certificate in Intercultural Communication (Macquarie University). They are the current Chapter Director of NY Thespians and serve on the Advocacy Leadership Network as part of the Educational Theatre Association.
Self: @ActingPolitical
Drag: @glampy_jakked