Leah Shelley, 2023 Virtual Emerge

Leah Shelley, 2023 Virtual

Leah Shelley is a performance artist and writer based in Wisconsin. They are currently interested in the magic of brief imperfections. They are also interested in turning an eye onto what they are afraid of (whiteness, gender non-conformity) and trying to (or trying not to) tell their own personal story through it. As an artist, they are just figuring it out. They don’t know what it means to have anything to show for it. They performed their most recent work “I moved to Wisconsin when I was 22 years old” at the Brooklyn Art’s Exchange’s Alumni night. It was about them trying to make fun of Wisconsin but instead making fun of themself. Now they are just trying to see what’s underneath all of it. Part of them just wants to belong.

IG: @leah.shelley.w