Larissa Jeanniton, Virtual Emerge 2023

Larissa Jeanniton, 2023 Virtual

Larissa is a Haitian American, 27-year-old Taurus with a heart and soul for political theater. Her acting and directing career has taken her to several theaters in NYC, Thailand, Switzerland, and several UN conferences. Her work primarily focuses on the liberation of thought from the many systems of oppression we are raised to contextualize ourselves within. Her most recent work is the performance of her original poem titled “Still Dreaming?”, performed at the First Church of Cambridge in Massachusetts, as part of an MLK jr. remembrance church service. Through movement, video, spoken word, audio collage, and her own brand of dark humor Larissa’s new work is an invitation to examine the following duality; the amplification of oppression through The Algorithm and what enlightenment – if any- can be found scrolling through your phone.