Laia, Guest Faculty 2021

Laia is a multimedia artist, working across installation, image, live and immersive performance, emerging media, poetry, and prose. Laia’s practice aims to bring insights from contemporary science into useable, playful, divine, and mythic places in everyday life.

Laia is an artist-in-residence in the brown dwarf astrophysics group at the American Museum of Natural History; 2021-2022 Pew Foundation grantee through the Academy of Natural Sciences; 2021-2022 Collider fellow at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; 2021 NYFA Fellow in Fiction; 2021-2022 Sundance Institute Art of Practice Fellow; and member of the Guild of Future Architects. Research questions include: How might artists and technologists co-create new media storytelling tools? How might we create accessible new media work? How might we create a feminist outer space?