Kristel Baldoz
Space Grant (2020/2021)

Kristel Baldoz is a Filipina-American artist from Delano, California, home to the Table Grape Strike. She was a 2019 EmergeNYC fellow at the Hemispheric Institute and artist-in-residence at the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation. As a performer, she has worked with Reggie Wilson, Wilmer Wilson IV, and Alex Da Corte. She has project managed for Faustin Linyekula and assisted Anna Deveare Smith. She holds an MA in Arts Politics from New York University. Kristel creates performances as a form of abstract storytelling by merging movement with improvisation, text, and family history. Drawing from experimental and Philippine traditional dances, visual installations, and her family’s personal stories, she aims to uncover generational histories to reveal the deep-seated politics embedded inside individual experiences. Kristel utilizes indictment as an artistic and political practice to voice both the urgency to speak about colonial relations and the exhaustion from continuously speaking and physically navigating them. Indictment becomes a tool and form of subtle and subversive activism in her work.