Kimiko Tanabe

Space Grant (Fall 2022)

Kimiko Tanabe (she/her) is a freelance dance artist currently based in Brooklyn. She explores the mediums of performance art, dance, writing, origami and paper, and is in a committed partnership with her .38 Muji pen. She is forever fascinated with Japanese folklore and as a lover of literature she finds herself making important life decisions under the eyes and influence of fiction. Her work combines her background in contemporary dance with her literary tendencies to create surreal performance art that is both joyful and haunting, and that gives platform and power to the Asian-American emotional experience that is so often invisible. For Kimiko, art is intimate and inexact.

Kimiko graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Creative Writing and Dance. Her work has been presented at the Center for Performance Research, Triskelion Arts Center, Colorado College, and the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. She is a New Dance Alliance Artist in Residence (2024), Colorado College Crown Family Professorship for Innovation in the Arts Artist in Residence (2023), BAX Space Grant Recipient (2022), Gallim Moving Artist Resident (2022), Artist in Resident at The Floor (2021), and Fresh Ground Pepper Play Ground Play Group Residency Cohort Member (2021).She currently performs with glenn potter-takata and has performed with marion spencer, Catherine Galasso, Shannon Yu, Kizuna Dance, Seymour::Dance Collective, Lisa Fagan and Hannah Mitchell, HIJACK, Nial Ibragimov, Shawn Womack, Patrizia Herminjard, and Morgaine DeLeonardis.

IG: @kimiko_tanabe