Julianne Cariño
Alumni Space Grant (2017)

Photo by Rosa Allegra Wolff

Julianne Cariño (they/them) is a queer multimedia artist and performer, born and raised within Canarsie and Munsee Lenape lands. They have had the privilege of calling many lands their home and remain critically inquisitive about what it means to occupy stolen land. Julianne’s practice is tuned through improvisation with a focus on Contact Improvisation, chronic pleasure, connecting to the more-than-human world, and the dance of self-preservation. Their most recent work is in touch with the depth and resonance of layered vocal sounding as a portal into the body, as a companion to processing memory and expressions of the heart.

Cariño’s facilitation work is often born from their personal experience of inaccess in both spiritual and movement-based spaces. They have guided groups in movement meditation, consent practices, ceremony, warm-up, technique class, and the practice of Contact Improvisation. Julianne has had the honor of teaching and facilitating through the Bill Young Studio/100 Grand st. (NYC), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Brooklyn), Ponderosa (Germany), Earthdance (Massachusetts), Dance North (Scotland), and Movement Research (NYC).

IG: @supple.flame