Julia Patinella, Emerge 2017

Julia Patinella, 2017

Julia Patinella (she/her) is a multilingual singer and songwriter currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. After years of immersion as a Flamenco singer in southern Spain, Julia has developed several original musical projects in Spanish, Sicilian and English, that draw from her roots, her experience as a first-generation American woman, and urgent socio-political themes. In her performances, she brings forth an expansive repertoire steeped in history and folk traditions, and a rich, guttural voice that carries the raw emotions of protest, the longing for freedom, and the uncompromising commitment to sing every note with soul. Julia is also a music educator dedicated to using music as a tool for healing in collaborations with Carnegie Hall and Flamenco Vivo NYC, reaching thousands of refugee and immigrant children yearly throughout the U.S.

IG: @juliapatinellavox