Born and raised in Malaysia, Joyce S. Lim divides her time between Asia and the USA. She has been privileged to witness healing performances in remote villages, study with Masters of traditional dance forms, and perform in a range of spaces from noh stages to multi-media theaters. She was introduced to the world of noh while on an Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship to Japan. Since then, her artistic life has shifted from contemporary dance to the many disciplines of noh.

She studied: kotsuzumi and otsuzumi with the late Kama Mitsuo; and returns to Japan regularly to continue her training in taiko with Sakurai Hitoshi; shimai and utai with Richard Emmert and Oshima Kinue, who is the sole professional female noh actor in the Kita School of Noh. Ms. Lim has performed kotsuzumi for the full noh plays of Funabenkei, and David Crandall’s English-language noh play, Crazy Jane. This summer she will be on faculty at The Noh Training Project in PA, which offers the most intensive and extensive noh training available in the United States.