House of Alegería

Based in Los Angeles, House of Alegría is a multi-fold project supporting and investing in emerging (un)documented Queer, Trans, Non-Binary artists through an Artist in Residence Program, in-house publishing press, community workshops, and consultations. This project began as an idea in 2016 to support the next generation of emerging migrant creatives. We at House of Alegría believe that migrant and Queer/Trans/Non-Binary creatives deserve space to imagine, deserve time to rest, deserve to be in a nurturing ecosystem that feels regenerative and collaborative. We trust in the power of artists and storytellers, and their self-determination and self-autonomy. We wish to cultivate the shared knowledge of our cultural workers and move towards a world where migrant and Queer/Trans/Non-Binary artists are supported in their craft, growth, creativity, and imagination. Artist in Residence Alexa Vasquez is an EMERGENYC 2022 participant.