YouthWorks 2022

Students grades 2-9.
Call for proposals open through January 26.

Spring Semester Youth Classes

Rolling registration now open.

Adult & Teen Winter Classes

Rolling registration now open for Drag, Hip-Hop, and Modern.

eXplore | eXpand | eXchange

Join us in supporting artists.

Disability Artistry

Lit in violet hues Yo-Yo Lin moves on the floor before a white scrim. One leg extends outward, the other folded behind them at the knee. One arm supports their body as the other extends upward. They wear white and are draped in suspended black wires extending out of frame.

Studio rentals

Studio D at BAX. From the foreground wood floors extend to white walls in the background. Sunlight streams in through windows on the right hand side. Two wooden pillars on the left extend upward to an unseen ceiling.