Photo by Circe Hamilton

Greer Sikes, 2024 Virtual

Greer Sikes is a matrianarchal, queer performance trickster + pleasure artist using a hybrid of live and visual mediums, interactive installations and happenings to depower societal shame systems and empower the discovery of the authentic self through pleasure. After escaping a conservative upbringing in the Bible Belt and losing over 200lbs, Greer is using their phenomenology of having been treated as two different people in the same body to challenge the way we perceive identity and offer compassion to one another. Nowadays Greer’s style of Tricksterism uses cathartic play, immersive investigations, and absurd theatrical subversions of reality to break the human animal free from the conformist cage we call society. Greer believes curiosity is indeed the juiciest part of life, and often employs quite a bit of food pleasure and Sploshing in zir life art!

Greer is currently based in Austin, TX and has performed and presented work in Austin, San Francisco, London, New York City, Chicago and beyond. Ze has a BFA from NYU, an MFA from California Institute of Integral Studies & MA from the University of Chichester, UK. Zir also has two cats named after their art idols, Annie (Sprinkle) & Carolee (Schneeman) which are their most valuable possessions.

IG: @greersikesy, @fleshjoygallery
Website forthcoming