Photo credit: Kyna Marie.

Graciella Ye’Tsunami, 2024

Graciella Ye’Tsunami (they/Tsunami/we/Ocean) is a queer Black fat trans non-binary artist based in Brooklyn. Tsunami is a movement maker, poet/writer, director, dramaturge, community builder, living altar, and death doula in training. Their creative process is an intersection of trans Afro-diasporic movement investigations, echo-locations, ancestral rememberings, and Black quantum love letters as practices of freedom.

Tsunami has their MFA in Dance from Temple University. In addition to Temple, Tsunami has presented choreographic works through Red Clay Dance Company’s “La Femme Dance Festival,” Leah Stein’s “Studio Works,” and Philadelphia Fringe’s “Scratch Night.” Tsunami currently works as a digital content writer for PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media organization for Black Americans.

They’ve lovingly worked with: Maria Bauman, Makini “Jumatatu M. Poe,” Lela Aisha Jones, Leah Stein, Awilda Sterling Dupree, Kariamu Welsh, Merian Soto, Baba Stafford C. Berry Jr., SJ Swilley, Majesty Royale-Jackson, Mawu Ama Ma’at Gora, Angel Edwards, and Niyonu: Nuyoni Productions.

IG: @yetsunami