Estrellx Supernova, Emerge 2016

Estrellx Supernova, 2016

Estrellx/EHQS embodies a they/them energetics and straddles the roles of choreographer, performer, curator, writer and somatic entrepreneur. They have many diasporic roots and call themselves the Cosmic Energetic Orchestrator of The Universe of Rhizomatic Tenderness (TUoRT), an emerging ecosystem and social enterprise being choreographed by and for the financial, spiritual, erotic, and artistic empowerment of Queer, Trans Creatives of the Global Majority and Allies.

Choreographically, Estrellx integrates club spaces as sites of generative dissonance and asks, “Are we celebrating or mourning or both? What do you really want and how exactly do you want it?”

IG @corporealidades.sutiles | @estrellx_supernova