Photo: Collage of Emerge 2017 participants.

EmergeNYC has fostered a thriving community of BIPOC, migrant, and LGBTQIA+ performing artists. Alumni include award-winning dancers, theater-makers, curators, directors, choreographers, filmmakers, grantmakers, university faculty, arts administrators, healers, educators, and multidisciplinary artists. Many continue to collaborate with each other and with faculty long beyond the program—they’ve formed collectives, created artist residencies, directed each other in plays, made music together, taught together, and (as seen in their testimonials) been fearless together. Below are some of the folks in this love-fueled network of 360 people.

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2024 Flagship Cohort

2024 Virtual Cohort

2023 Flagship Cohort

Ana Anu, Emerge 2023 Flagship

Ana Anu, 2023

Ana Anu (she/they) is an author and multi-media artist. Their work, centering eco feminism, has...

io Bibi Miscelvnea, Emerge 2023 Flagship

miscelvnea, 2023

miscelvnea (they/she, it) (elle, elli/ellu) is a Boriké-born multimedia and interdisciplinary artist whose ...

2023 Virtual Cohort

2022 Flagship Cohort

2022 Virtual Cohort

2021 Cohort

Dahlia Li, Emerge 2021 Flagship

Dahlia Li, 2021

Dahlia Li (she/her) is an artist and writer currently completing a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania...

2020 Cohort

C. Tai Tai, Emerge 2020 Flagship

C. Tai Tai, 2020

C. Tai Tai (she/her) is a performance and installation artist based in Chicago, with roots in New York ...

Elyla Sinvergüenza, Emerge 2020 Flagship

Elyla, 2020

Elyla is a cochónx barro-mestiza, a non-binary performance artist and activist. Their work often moves ...

2019 Cohort

Julha Franz, Emerge 2019 Flagship

Julha Franz, 2019

Coming from a place of sexual and gender liberation, Julha Franz (Brazil, 1993) pushes boundaries with her...

2018 Cohort

Natalie Cook, Emerge 2018

Natalie Cook, 2018

Natalie Cook is a filmmaker, poet, and theater-maker. Natalie’s poetry film, “Backwards God,” received the...

Rad Pereira, Emerge 2018

Rad Pereira, 2018

Rad is a two-spirit Afro-Indigenous, Jewish, Brazilian (im)migrant artist currently based in Lenapehoking ...

Salome Egas, Emerge 2018

Salome Egas, 2018

Salome is proudly Ecuadorian, an interdisciplinary artist, educator and bilingual children’s book author ...

2017 Cohort

rexylafemme (rex renée leonowicz), Emerge 2017

rexylafemme, 2017

rexylafemme (rex renée leonowicz) is a visual + performing artist, writer, and healer born and raised in ...

2016 Cohort

Bex Kwan, Emerge 2016

Bex Kwan, 2016

Bex Kwan is a multimedia artist, organizer, social worker, and athlete. They are a core trainer with the...

Lio Mehiel, Emerge 2016

Lio Mehiel, 2016

Lio Mehiel (they/them) is a Puerto Rican and Greek non-binary, trans masculine writer, actor, and artist...

2015 Cohort

2014 Cohort

2013 Cohort

Aya Aziz, Emerge 2013

Aya Aziz, 2013

Aya Aziz is a songwriter and performance artist based between New York and Beirut, Lebanon. Aya...

Mon Iker, Emerge 2013

Mon Iker, 2013

Mon Iker is an interdisciplinary artist devoted to elevating feminist, social, and environmental justice ...

2012 Cohort

Kyla Searle, Emerge 2012 Flagship

Kyla Searle, 2012

Kyla Searle (she/her) is an artist, producer and activist. Kyla seeks out inquiry and intersection, inspired...

2011 Cohort

Koby, Emerge 2011

Koby, 2011

Koby (she/they) is an artist, writer and social practice facilitator dedicated to dialogical arts ...

2010 Cohort

Kira Neel, Emerge 2010

Kira Neel, 2010

Kira Neel is a New York City based performer, educator, and radio journalist. She is a recipient of the...

2009 Cohort

Mieke D, Emerge 2009

Mieke D, 2009

MIEKE D (she/they) is a mixed-race genderqueer femme of Asian and European descent. She is an ...

NIC Kay, Emerge 2009

NIC Kay, 2009

NIC Kay is from the Bronx, NY. They make performances and organize performative spaces with an un-...

2008 Inaugural Cohort