Donna Costello
Space Grant (2011/2012)

I am a performer, creator, and educator. Open and responsive to the vibrant exchange that informs my artistry, practice and passion for dance. With a high regard to process, I am committed to creating connections, investigating context, building relationships and fostering communities in all that I do. I thrive at the intersection of dance, physical theater, and performance art; and the messy collisions of conventions that proves to reveal something new and true.

I continue to learn and unlearn so much about myself, my community and the world around me from all we hold in the body and from dancing together in shared space and time. Movement moves us all and I am rarely satiated. I am grateful for the many inspiring teachers, choreographers, directors, dancers, performers and students that have shaped me along the way; and for the profoundly collaborative and multi-faceted work I have created and contributed to throughout my 20 year career as a dance artist in New York.