Dane Terry
Space Grant (2017/2018)

I am a storyteller, composer, pianist and singer from Ohio now anchored in New York City. I have been playing piano for 22 years and am completely self-taught. At first I played exclusively boogie-woogie for 6 hours a day in my underwear, but I later branched out into many other styles including late romantic and 20th century classical, latin, folk, jazz, pop and pants. I learned by ear and gradually absorbed the characteristics of certain styles and genres and incorporated them into my increasingly kaleidoscopic improvisations.  I started writing songs in 2007 and performed my first set in August of 2008 at The Bean Holler Music Festival on a “farm” outside of Columbus, Ohio.  I had a penchant for stage banter from the beginning and it soon became a staple of my live sets.  People started suggesting that maybe what I did was theater and after a few eureka moments (it takes a few when you’re stubborn) I packed up and moved to New York City. 

These days I perform and make music and stories in many media including: Musical Audio Dramas, the last of which was an 8-part miniseries released as a podcast called Dreamboy – Theater – Storytelling – Songs – Film (working on a couple screenplays presently, one of them an animated opera of sorts) –  I also compose music for other Film/TV/Podcast projects.