Performance Workshops

AcroBAX uniquely draws upon contemporary circus traditions, dance, partner acrobatics, and invites young artists to develop original choreography and engage in original performance as part of an ensemble. Email to sign up for a trial. Read more about AcroBAX and BAX’s Performance Workshop program below.

Our progression of dance, theater and tumbling classes culminate in a series of truly exceptional programs for our most motivated senior students (ages 9-18). These programs offer young artists opportunities to deepen their practice as performers, creators and collaborators in their chosen discipline and, uniquely, develop and direct original work for performance. BAX’s focus on technical and improvisational skill, creative risk-taking, and performance helps create intelligent, flexible, deeply creative young artists who often continue their study at the college or professional level. These programs require a full-year commitment and each culminates in a showcase of student-directed composition and performance work.

BAX programming pays special attention to community, social/emotional, and leadership development in addition to providing exceptional arts education. In the 2021/2021 Season, Performance Workshop students will have opportunities to develop performance skills through pre-professional dance/acrodance video (exploring the filmic tools of Zoom and the art of editing), site specific projects, work with guest artists, and collaborate across levels with peers and peer mentors.

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Dance Performance Workshop (DPW)

DPW develops a ‘total artist’ encompassing the roles of dancer, performer, collaborator, creator, and observer. DPW encourages young artists to work both independently and in collaboration with peers, while honing and deepening skills in technique, performance, improvisation, partnering, and developing original choreography. Admission is by invitation.

2020/2021 Ensembles:

DPW XX Directed by Donna Costello & Skye Montante

DPW III Directed by Helen Tocci

This video features DPW levels I, II, III from spring 2020 and is conceived and directed by DPW directors Donna Costello, Skye Montante, and Helen Tocci. Edited by David Sierra.


Drawing on contemporary circus traditions and theatrical techniques, AcroBAX  I & II are BAX’s most advanced tumbling classes, combining modern dance, partner acrobatics, performance, and choreography skills. AcroBAXers work closely as  ensembles, developing and performing original group pieces inspired by different annual themes. Admission is by invitation.

2020/2021 Ensembles:

AcroBAX I Directed by Diane Tomasi

AcroBAX II Directed by Helen Tocci