Chris Bisram, Emerge
 2023 Flagship

Chris Bisram, 2023

Chris Bisram is an Indo-Caribbean Multidisciplinary Artist with a primary focus in dance and theater. Bisram completed a work-study and summer intensive at Greenspace, a dance studio in Queens. They have performed in the Fertile Ground Showcase at Greenspace, and City of Forest Day, hosted by IDig2Learn, a Roosevelt Island Collective. At City of Forest Day, they choreographed and performed a piece to portray the stages of life of a tree. Bisram has also taken part in the Artichoke dance companies Ambassadorship program, which helps foster one’s knowledge and abilities in environmental based art practices.

Currently, Bisram is a teaching artist at LIC High School, where they teach and run an after-school program through a nonprofit organization called Zone 126.Where they are exploring teaching dance through a mostly non- Eurocentric point of view.

They have also acquired a background in sculpture during their time at Socrates Sculpture Park as a Socrateen and through the MYM program at Noguchi Museum. They also had a poem on display in Gallery Aferro’s Poem Booth Exhibition discussing the trauma of growing up with an alcoholic father. As an independent artist, they have helped co-facilitate Kin to the Cove, an art collective/stewardship that grew out of the water and time-based performance artwork 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea by Sarah Cameron Sunde. Through this collective, they have created and led a few projects centered on water pollution, climate change, and/or water’s place in their life, including For the Depths of Us, Meh Mudda Deh Sea, and We are all Kin to the Cove, in collaboration with The Remote Theater Project.

Bisram has held numerous roles in the arts including Event Coordination at Socrates Sculpture Park, Teen Artist at Socrates Sculpture Park and Noguchi Museum, Artist Assistant and Community mobilizer to Sarah Cameron Sunde, and Dance Facilitator at Zone 126,  as well Production Assistant at Green Space/ Dance Entropy.