photo by @IrishMJ

Cassidy Regan, 2024 Virtual

Cassidy Regan (they/them) is a theylien, organizer, and singing stripping drag thing whose performances hope to thin the veil between our present and the future his communities believe in. Now living in Ireland/Éire, they’re grateful for the enemies of empire on both sides of the ocean who will always be home. With ritual, respect for fairy magic, and a mustache made of glitter, they perform as MXTR. Malone, here from planet Jupiter to cast spells of lust & liberation on the audiences he loves. Cass is at heart a mercreature who feels most alive when playing in the sea, and they cherish their grandfather’s songs and grandmother’s stories about how the Irish countryside got weird & wild beneath the full moon. More than anything, they are forever in love with this beautiful, heartbreaking world, and will never stop believing in the power of the people to practice and fight and dream into being possibilities that are more just and more free.

They were taught to organize by people in movements against militarism, for farmworker justice, and an end to white supremacy. Currently, they organize for decriminalization with fellow current & former sex workers as part of the Red Umbrella Film Festival, in solidarity with Palestine as a member of Dublin for Gaza, for self-determined trans healthcare with Transgress the NGS, and housing justice with Community Action Tenants Union. They are here to try, to learn, and to try again, with everything they’ve got.

IG: @mxtr.malone & @redumbrellafilmfestival