Photo credit: Kyna Marie.

Carol Montealegre, 2024

Carol Montealegre 1984.

Visual artist, filmmaker social researcher.

Her research and practice intersect cinema and performance art with human rights advocacy. She works in the creation of experiences that allow the spectator and the performer to immerse themselves in other possible realities, for the sake of decolonization of the body, mind and soul. Her desire is to create experiences where life could be transformed in the present tense. She makes art to connect the banal with the profound, breaking the boundaries in between by bringing dreamed images into the material world where she look for how to connect conscious with Subconscious. Since 2022 Its been working on the project Howls in the Mountains with a women’s union in Colombia on alternative healing practice for post war trauma, creating video installations in Super 8 mm film and mixed media.