Brooke Lever, 2024 Virtual

Brooke Lever (He/She/They/Xi) is a seasoned performer and queer performance artist hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. With a background in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Performance Theory from Rhodes College, their work aims to deconstruct and challenge ontologies of gendered bodies, queer existence, and the frailty of categories.

What began as a fleeting interest in drag, Brooke has been producing showcases and installations for 7 years in the MidSouth since the age of 18 under the moniker Barbie Wyre. Integral to Brooke’s work is an approach to queer space-making practices is and community cultivation as a method of resistance.

As a performer, Brooke leverages a diverse array of mediums, including costume construction, unconventional materials, and multimedia elements, to craft immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on both emotional and intellectual levels. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Ana Mendieta and Marina Abramović, Brooke’s artistic endeavors transcend traditional boundaries, exploring themes of gender fluidity, rebellion, and empowerment. Their performances serve as powerful conduits for introspection and dialogue, inviting viewers to confront societal norms and embrace authenticity.

IG: @thebarbiewyre