Audrey Kindred

Artist in Residence (2000-2001)

Riffing on her last name, Kindred is inspired by kinship. Born in Ethiopia, and having traveled widely, she has culled a deep commitment to her educational and creative role in the Human Family, and is inspired by the vision of an ethically-inspired future. She is ignited by issues around creative expression, earth-activism and human fairness. She is passionate about the connection between the body and the mind. 

A Bachelors of Arts  in Dance and Early Childhood at Bennington College in the mid 1980’s blossomed into decades of art, writing, learning, teaching, community-building.  She is currently engaged in educational study at Sunbridge Institute and she is a lifelong embodied researcher and artistic creator. Studies in Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication) and certifications in yoga have led to years of cultivating peace practices in communities.  

Kindred’s work background includes dedicated service and community building  with many inspiring organizations such as Movement Research, Ethical Culture, The Field, The Quad Center for 2-E Kids, ASAP ~ All Sports For All People, Education in Dance, and ….Brooklyn Arts Exchange! Kindred has been enthusiastically on the Boards of Directors  of Narcolepsy Network and Street Cry Incorporated. 

She has taught and directed programming in arts, ethics, and education through  myriad schools and community centers, to ages 2 through 80, with a keen dedication to keeping her finger on the pulse of a community.  Directing programs in the mid 1990’s at Movement Research, she ushered unique explorations dance and also created the Dance Makers in the Schools program.   Through Bent on Learning, she teamed up to create the revolution in education of bringing yogic wellness into public schools.  On the Board of Narcolepsy Network, she revolutionized an annual member conference toward choiceful, empowered, creative, sensory engagement.   As a teacher and education director, Kindred helped realize a Gandhian vision of education through her work with Trilok School from 2014 through 2021. 

Recently she has joined the faculty of Brooklyn Waldorf School, inspired by the creative educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner ignited by modern cultural challenges. Through it all, she has been a leader of ethical education for children through Ethical Culture (BSEC & NYSEC) for over twenty years.