Arian Nakhaie, Emerge 2018

Arian Nakhaie, 2018

Fihi Ma Fihi’s (“FMF”) founder Arian Nakhaie has 15+ years in a variety of roles, industries and countries which culminated in its creation. The organization is named after and based on the spirit of 13th-century mystic, jurist and poet Rumi’s philosophical treatise, which translates as “Signs of the Unseen”. The idea is that the truest answers come from a deeper internal space, an “Unseen realm”, so to speak.

Rumi said “the wound is where the light enters.” Many times people run from their problems, staying in denial. If a wound is neglected, it festers and can lead to death. But wounds can be healed and, in healing, there is much wisdom gained along with the development of previously untapped potentials, leading to new-found strengths.

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