Photo credit: Kyna Marie.

I am a multimedia visual artist, performance artist, a climate organizer, teacher and drag performer. My art is rooted in my love for the Earth and the necessity of bringing its beauty into the consciousness of people. My visual work is turning donated and recycled materials into functional sculptures and wearable art. I bring this practice into the classroom as well, leading kids in workshops on sustainable art making. As a performer, I am part of Al Límite Collective, a group that is collaborative with pieces that often takes place on the street, addressing topics that lead to dialogue and connection across borders. My solo performance is through my Drag persona, Moon Joy Divine. Moon is a superhero spirit of the Moon, a child of Mother Earth, committed to nurturing unconditional love for Mother Earth and all the life she works hard to sustain. Based on the history of the earth, current events, and my own life, I am in the beginning stages of creating the Mooniverse. Moon performs at public spaces and streets aiming to provide joy through the exhaustion that is activism and to make these spaces more accessible to everyone.

IG @moonjoydivine